EcoRaider® is a non-toxic but highly efficacious bio-insecticide product line made with naturally occurring botanical insecticidal compounds. As bed bugs and other target pests are developing strong resistance to many traditional pesticides, and consumers are showing great interest in green alternatives to synthetic pesticides, EcoRaider® provides a green and sustainable alternative solution with low risk but uncompromising effectiveness. Unlike many other green products, EcoRaider® not only offers fast and sure kill, but also extended residual protection. It has been used by pest management professionals all over the country and has been successful in controlling the bed bug epidemic in residences, hotels, nursing homes, schools, public transportation, housing authorities, and more. Because it is non-toxic, EcoRaider® may be used around children, pets, and even the most sensitive environments. Due to its outstanding performance, EcoRaider has become a highly demanded product for consumers. It is the only natural product among 12 tested that kills bed bugs with 100% mortality, according to research study papers published on Entomological Society of America’s Journal of Economic Entomology publication and Pest Control Technology magazine. Between the years 2013-2014, the USDA IR-4 Public Health Pesticide Program granted research funding to explore using EcoRaider® for eradication of bed bug infestations. In 2015 the IR-4 program published the study result confirming Eco Raider’s uncompromising performance when comparing to top traditional pesticides in controlling bed bugs when used in public housing building.

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It is our goal to deliver an evolving product line that serves as an effective alternative to pesticides with better effectiveness and user experience. Here at EcoRaider®, we are committed to providing natural and non-toxic product options that consumers and pest professionals alike can feel confident using, even in the most sensitive environments. More importantly, our products are lab-tested and effective at killing target pests.

The EcoRaider® Team continues to research and make it their highest priority to deliver sustainable, green products to the world that are effective against pests. We are working hard to continue to expand our family of products while maintaining our focus on natural, green pest control.

Ants are social insects that live in colonies that usually contain three groups: the worker ants, the queen, and the males. Most of the ants you see are the workers, which are sterile females. The workers are responsible for gathering food, feeding the brood and queen, and defending the nest. Members of the brood (immature ants) are usually whitish in color and resemble fly maggots. Most ant species produce winged males and females only during certain times of the year. These winged ants, that are also known as swarmers, leave the nest to mate and start new colonies. After mating, the males die and the females become queens and search for suitable locations to start new colonies. Once a new location is found, the queen sheds her wings and starts laying eggs. The queen will take care of the larvae until they become pupae. Within a few weeks, the pupae will become adult worker ants and they will take over the job of taking care of the brood.