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Ants are social insects that live in colonies that usually contain three groups: the worker ants, the queen, and the males. Most of the ants you see are the workers, which are sterile females. The workers are responsible for gathering food, feeding the brood and queen, Bed bug treatment and defending the nest. Members of the brood (immature ants) are usually whitish in color and resemble fly maggots. Most ant species produce winged males and females only during certain times of the year. These winged ants, that are also known as swarmers, leave the nest to mate and start new colonies. After mating, the males die and the females become queens and search for suitable locations to start new colonies. Once a new location is found, the queen sheds her wings and starts laying eggs. The queen will take care of the larvae until they become pupae. Within a few weeks, Bed bugs treatment the pupae will become adult worker ants and they will take over the job of taking care of the brood.

Ants enter homes in search of food and moisture. Carpenter ants in particular are drawn to wood in your home that has sustained water damage. To help reduce the chance of carpenter ants invading your home, eliminate moisture or standing water in and near your home. In order to do that, it is necessary to repair or replace damaged downspouts, leaking hose bibs and other supply lines, broken drain lines, as well as air conditioner condensation lines.

Ants are always in search of food, and are particularly attracted to sweet smells. In the wild ants will sometimes guard and even care for aphids in return for their honeydew (a sweet excretory product) they produce. Inside our homes, ants are constantly on the lookout for other sweet smelling items as well & how to kill bed bugs.

Ants can be a problem anywhere in the home but we often find them in our kitchens. There are a few steps that can be taken to keep ants out of the kitchen. First, keep your kitchen tidy. Crumbs, juice spills, and food kept in non-air tight containers encourage ants to enter your home. Keeping your kitchen tidy will help to discourage ants from coming indoors. It is best to wipe down counters and sweep floors regularly. Ripe fruit should be kept in the refrigerator. It is also important to remove trash from your house often and make sure that the trashcan in your kitchen has a lid.

Once you have rid your kitchen of the food and water that attracts ants it is important to block the ways in which they enter your home. Ants usually enter homes through cracks around windows and doors, but will also come through holes for wires. Check these areas and make sure to use silicone caulk to seal the cracks and holes.

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